Unang Hirit: Plant-based bellychon, tinikman ni 'Eat Girl' Love!

 Plant-based na lechon?! Ito na ang perfect alternative mo sa baboy! Paano kaya ito ginagawa at ano ang lasa nito? Panoorin ang food adventure ni "Eat Girl" Love Anover sa La Loma, Quezon City!

About Us

ELPI Vellychon Haus is the FIRST PLANTBASED LECHON HOUSE in the country which offers the world's first plantbased belly roll located at the heart of the Lechon Capital of the Philippines, LA LOMA.

It started way back in year 2018, when Chef Elpi served the plantbased belly roll for the first time in his vegan restaurant located at the heart of the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, in General Santos City. It was a crowd pleaser and it became one of his best sellers. Word spread like wild fire, both in social media and mainstream media platforms about it, thus, people from different places, both local and abroad flocked to his place to try it. 

His small vegan restaurant became a tourist attraction in region 12 for 3 years. Unfortunately, his restaurant closed down due to the prolonged lockdown as a result of the Pandemic crisis, 

For now, Chef Elpi is in Manila, to rebuild his small livelihood using a small food cart. He is hopeful that one day, he can rise up again from the ashes.


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1561 Kundiman St.

Brgy. 567

Samapaloc, Metro Manila